Musik für Menschenrechte - Das Projekt das bewegt

Long Black Train

Marcus Gale

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written and performed by Marcus Gale


Verse 1

Deep in the black Chinese night
Runs a train without any light
Taking thousands to prison
They’re all Falun Gong who are missing
Where do they go?
The map doesn’t show
They’ll never be riding a train
Ever again.

Verse 2

The train rides to a death camp
Where all Falun Gong get a death stamp
Then cut up alive for body parts
Their eyes, kidneys, livers and beating hearts
If you need a transplant go and stay
The CCP will fix you up in just two days
But you’ll never be the same
Ever again.

Verse 3

The CCP will cut a person to death
The CCP will steal away their last breath
Killing more and more every hour
Killing for money, greed and power
The Chinese Communist Party
Will kill anyone for money
But can they spend it?
Ever again.

Verse 4

Many Falun Gong have disappeared
And yes, it’s the worst that we all feared.
They suffered beyond all human pain
Were burned into ash, with no remains
How can mankind sink so low?
And how can you sleep when you know?
Can we forget that we once said
Never again.

Verse 5

Now the whole world knows
These concentration camps must close
The genocide of Falun Gong must end
How can we let this happen again?
The dying cannot wait
But it’s almost too late
We must not remain silent
Ever again.

Verse 6

There will be a time
The CCP will pay for its crime
Justice will bring the light of day
Those killers all will try to run away
Soon a train they’ll be taking
Thinking an escape they will be making
Maybe down to Argentina
Or the hills of San Francisco may be greener
But they won’t have a place to hide
Ever again.

Verse 7

With all of your evil deeds
CCP you planted the seeds
Now you must reap what you sow
And down to your end you must go
CCP climb aboard your train
That long black train
You’ll never be coming back
Ever again.



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