Musik für Menschenrechte - Das Projekt das bewegt

Letter to Mom

performed by an Eastern US young Falun Dafa practitioner

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Song: A Young Homeless Falun Dafa Practitioner’s Letter to His Mother in Jail

Lyrics by a Mainland young Falun Dafa practitioner, performed by an Eastern US young practitioner.


In snow, in frost,
Mom, do you have winter clothes to keep warm?
In deep night, in my dream,
Mom, I always see you…
Mom, do not worry about me,
I can take care of myself,
My will in cultivating Dafa is unshakable,
I am among the practitioners offering salvation to human being.
In wind, in rain,
Mom, have you suffered all kinds of tortures?
The dark night will eventually pass,
Dear Mom, you must remain steadfast
Mom, do not worry about me,
Truth-Compassion-Tolerance has filled my heart,
Through all the tribulations, I don’t mind the suffering,
Upholding Dafa is our happiness!

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