Musik für Menschenrechte - Das Projekt das bewegt

Human Rights are for Everyone – Dutch song (De mensenrechten zijn voor iedereen

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People have worked and fought for it for years
they arent as self-evident as you thought
not as undisputed as the sun
not as the day which succeeds the night
they are to be handed on carefully
as a vulnerable and valuable painting
they are the key of a respectable human live
maybe more important than you

they arent only for white, the fatten up who sit on a long chair
who, along with a ghettoblaster and some food leftovers fry at the beach for hours
they arent reserved to americans
or to Westerners in general
they are also for Chinese and Tibetans
the human rights are for everyone
they are for Asia (- the following line is inaudible-)

they are for janna who is fleeing in the Sahel
they are from men who want to have sex with men
and for a woman who got caught on adultery
they are for participants on coward slaughtering
wie zonder zonde is, werpe de eerste steen – dutch saying, I dont know what it means.
They are for masters, manservants and lackeys
the humanrights are for everyone

And of course sometimes it’s good to seperate
old iron is often as heavy as lead
but sometimes it’s also time to find a solution
sometimes people have to justify their deeds
even if you’re young and disabled ( note: slecht ter been means you cannot walk or cannot walk big distances)
no person in the world has no humanrights
the human rights are for everyone

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